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Hot Men Wearing Man Thongs!
United States
Personal Quote: "We want to see see sexy men prancing around in undies, not women!"
  • Watching: Hot Men prancing around in man thongs...
  • Eating: edible man thongs (XD)

I,:iconkakashisgirl17:, host this page.

:spotlight-left:~*~*News ~*~*:spotlight-right:

Holy crap! I really need to pay attention. SO HOW IS EVERYONE?! Okay? I hope so. Come on! Lets try to make this club more active! :D :D

:bulletblue:About the Group:

This group is for all the people that love seeing' guys in thongs!! ( Or in what ever they want to see what guy wear... Like... I love to see Kakashi in a some boxers... )You can draw them in anything.... from Thongs... to panties... to swim wear, even in nothing at all!

You draw anyone in anything... as long as they look HOT in it!! Thats that!

Send a note to me... :iconkakashisgirl17:, OR the club, and I shall post it on this site.

This is a group... so sadly...

You have to JOIN first to come in, and be able to send any pictures or what ever... (Just make sure you have no shame in admitting you don't mind seeing hot man prance around in nothing but their undies,  hot undies, swimwear, or in the nude..:XD: )

:bulletred:How to Join:

Send in a Note to this group with the subject " Join? " and write me a nice lil' thing about joining, and who you think we should add to our sexy list!! (If you want...:XD::giggle: )

After you have joined, you gotta show your proud club off....

in your Journal put our NEW club Avy ( Thanks to assistant Manager :iconcyancat:) : iconsexyman-thong : without the spaces...

and Volia, you're a member!

:spotlight-left::iconshadowange1: and :iconcyancat::spotlight-right:

Members and Affiliates page!


{  Empty }

~*~*:b0x0rz: Sexy List :b0x0rz: *~*~*

These are the men whom we drool over with NO SHAME!:XD:

:bulletblue:Hitake Kakashi ~ Naruto
:bulletgreen:Torn ~ JakII & Jak 3
:bulletpurple:Tidus ~ Final Fantasy 10
:bulletred:Edward Elric ~ Full Metal Alchemist
:bulletblue:Roy Mustang ~ Full Metal Alchemist
:bulletgreen: Neji~ Naruto
:bulletpurple:Cloud~ FF7
:bulletred:Ranma ~ Ranma 1/2
:bulletblue:Ryoga ~ Ranma 1/2
:bulletgreen:Mousse ~ Ranma 1/2
:bulletpurple:Inuyasha ~ Inuyasha
:bulletred:Miroku ~ Inuyasha
:bulletblue:Sesshomaru ~ Inuyasha
:bulletgreen:Koga ~ Inuyasha
:bulletpurple:Kyo ~ Fruits Basket
:bulletred:Haru ~ Fruits Basket
:bulletblue:Yuki ~ Fruits Basket
:bulletgreen:Shigure ~ Fruits Basket
:bulletpurple:Gojyo ~ Saiyuki
:bulletred:Sanzo ~ Saiyuki
:bulletblue:Hakkai ~ Saiyuki
:bulletgreen:Goku ~ Saiyuki
:bulletpurple:Allen ~ Escaflowne
:bulletred:Vahn ~ Escaflowne
:bulletblue:Spike Spiegal ~ Cowboy Bebop!
:bulletgreen:Aburatsubo ~ Magic User's Club!!
:bulletpurple:Wolfwood ~ Trigun
:bulletred:Vash ~ Trigun
:bulletblue:Kenshin ~ Ruroni Kenshin
:bulletgreen:Sanoske ~ Rurouni Kenshin
:bulletpurple:Gourry ~ Slayers
:bulletred:Zelgadis ~Slayers
:bulletblue:Xelloss ~ Slayers
:bulletgreen:L ~ Death Note
:bulletpurple:Raito ~ Death Note
:bulletred: 2D ~ Gorillaz
:bulletblue: Murdoc ~ Gorillaz
:bulletgreen: Goku ~ Dragonball Z
:bulletpurple: Kurama ~ Yu Yu Hakusho
:bulletred: Kuja ~ FF9
:bulletblue: Zidane ~ FF9

(Help the list grow and add in your two cents:twocents:. )


*Help Out The Sexy Man Thong group please!*:please:

- The Lady that shall lead all girls to see and drool the day hot sexy men shall wear MAN-THONGS! :XD::b0x0rz:


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YomiElric Featured By Owner May 10, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
I found this place on Google!
RavenDarkfire Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
SexyMan-Thong Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
No no... please share... How did you find us??

I'm kinda curious...
RavenDarkfire Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
HAHAH! omg, I forget now, I really do. I think I typed in somethign about a fat lady and a thong to mess with my friend. I HONESTLy don't remember
SexyMan-Thong Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006
:lmao: Aww. its okee... Good thing you still found us!!:heart::giggle: I really need to work on getting this more.. active...:faint:
(1 Reply)
SeraphicReverie Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006
thanks for the fave on my pic of sephy! :D
SexyMan-Thong Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
No problem!:heart:
FaythsAbandyn Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2006
Thanks for the fav.

...Ooo, men in thongs. Delicious. <3
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